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FREE Small Business TrainingNow Offered at theCamden Accelerated Business Services (CABS) Center at 625 Adams SW, Camden, AR 71701 (OPED Building)Call 870-836-2210 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to Pre-Register 
  • Facebook: Profiles, Pages & Privacy
Tuesday, June 21st  5:30-8:30 p.m.Facebook is the largest social media site with over 600 million users and over 700,000 Businesses online.  If you're not on Facebook, you are missing an opportunity to grow your business with social media.  Topics will include: privacy settings for your profile, building lists of friends, page development, best practices, finding fans and MUCH more!  Attendees should have basic computer skills but this workshop is definitely for novices.

  • Starting a Business in Arkansas
Monday, July 11th  3:00-5:30 p.m.The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center presents "Starting a Business in Arkansas." This seminar prepares you for the intensive business planning process, identifies major steps crucial to starting a business, discusses key issues that affect the success of your business, and discusses start-up requirements and common pitfalls that you will face as an entrepreneur. Free new business guide included!

  • 5 Small Business Strategies for Social Media
Monday, August 22nd  4:00-7:00 p.m.The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center presents "5 Small Business Strategies For Social Media."  Not sure where to begin with social media or why you should bother?  Businesses of all sizes are using online tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to connect with customers.  We'll show you five low-cost ways social media can bolster your current marketing efforts, and you'll leave with your own social media marketing plan.  Learn which social media platforms are a good fit for you, where your target customers are looking online, and what it could mean for your business if you aren't involved in social networking.

  • August 15, 2011   5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Quickbooks Introduction - Introduces this popular accounting software program to small business owners with little or no experience using the software. Topics will include: setting up a new company, chart of accounts overview, working with lists, and how to view transaction records and find information in your company file.

  • August 16, 2011   5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

              Quickbooks Intermediate - This session offers instruction in recording transactions  and   maintaining your company's accounting information using QuickBooks. Topics include purchases, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, classes and reports. Instruction will be provided on fixing common errors and preparing

Free Online Seminars for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners PDF Print E-mail

CABS Center is offering FREE Online Seminars for entrepreneurs, small business owners and their employees by arrangement with the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center. You get access to the largest collection of small business courses available online - featuring voice-over narration, PowerPoint presentations, Worksheets and Toolsets.

Fast Trac Small Business Training Graduates PDF Print E-mail

Pictured are attendees and graduates of the Fast Trac Workshop sponsored by CABS Center

Back Row:   to the left - Jeanette Sonny-graduate, Barbara Epperson-graduate, Kenneth Anderson-graduate, Paxton Hegwood-attendee, Felecia Burns-instructor - alt.Consulting, Timothy Tatum-graduate

Front Row:  to the left - Sharon Gill-graduate, Syble Davis-attendee, Brenda Kirkley-graduate

Other attendees and graduates not picture are:  Erma Fort-attendee, Chris Franklin-graduate, Melissa Franklin-attendee, Sandra Freeman-attendee, Lisa Rutherford-graduate, Dale Sherman-attendee and Ashley Waldrup-graduate.



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CABS serves as the central delivery point for services to small and minority businesses in Camden and Ouachita County. The Center provides space for training, coaching, and consultation for both existing and startup businesses. The CABS Center also is a self-paced learning center and offers:

  • Business Library
  • How-To Business Guides
  • Business Software & Videos
  • Assessments and diagnostic tools
  • Online Training & Tutorials
  • Commercial Databases
  • Video Connection To Technical Assistance
  • Telephone, Fax, Scanner, Printer, & Copier
  • Computer & Internet Access
  • Office & Conference Space

Starting a Business With Help
from CABS is as easy as 1.2.3

There is no one way to tackle a problem, and it’s the same in starting or retooling a business. We all have our own stories and our own approaches. At the CABS Center, we treat you as your unique self and help you to put together a plan for following your dream. We say “Dream Big” because we want you to be all that you can. It’s about you, your vision and your investment. Our job at CABS is to listen to you. That’s Step One.

For your part, here is what we expect you to do. (1) Visit the CABS Center and ask for an orientation. Ouachita Partnership staff provide individual orientations on how you can best access the Center’s resources and those of its partners; orientations are supplemented by a Center Directory and written usage guides and instructions. (2) Register as a User by completing the CABS Registration Form. (3) Complete the Readiness and Preparedness Self Assessments. (4) Drop in or call 870-836-2210 to schedule an appointment with a Small Business Coach.

See Your Plan Move Forward

Step Two begins with a meeting with your CABS Small Business Coach and ends with your completion of an action plan for success. Based upon your initial assessment, a plan of attack will be proposed; that Program may prescribe additional training and/or additional research at the CABS. If you are willing to commit to a plan, you will be accepted as a CABS Client.

When we say “We’ll Help You Do the Rest”, we mean just that. Business planning is hard work. No one can do it for you. It has to be your plan, your labor, your investment. Our job is to guide you - to support and work with you. We’re going to ask a lot of questions; some will be easy to answer, others will be challenging. In the end, your hard work will greatly improve your chances for success.

Here are five things that you can do to make Step Two more productive:

  1. Write a short description of your existing or proposed business and its products.
  2. Describe your customers and how you will get them to buy your product.
  3. Make a complete list of all of your business costs.
  4. What investments will you make in your business?
  5. What are your weaknesses – what kind of help do you need?

Positioned For Success - Execute!

If you completed Steps One and Two, you are positioned for success. Executing your plan can mean many things, including getting financing, securing permits and licenses, preparing your business space, marketing your business, hiring employees, and setting up your financial books. We are here to help. As a CABS Client, you will continue to receive coaching and are eligible for continuing training. That’s Step Three.

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Are You Ready For Incubation?

…Not everyone is a candidate for incubation.


To Incubate: to maintain under conditions favorable for hatching; to grow under conditions that promote development;  to cause or aid the development of an idea; to promote development of the young – to help them survive and grow during their startup period when they are most vulnerable; to undergo incubation.

What is Business Incubation?

Business incubation is kind of a big hug. It’s personal. It’s a commitment to opening yourself up to a second set of eyes. It’s a willingness to accept critique and help. It’s offering to be accountable. It’s accelerating on your path to business growth. It’s a place to call home when you are away from home.